Rawda Textile has wide range of control on knit garment. In Bangladesh, most knit garments factories are composite and equipped with top-of-the line machinery by Terrot of Germany, LKM of Taiwan, or they are using other major brands and latest technologies. As yarn is the main material, knit garment factories in Bangladesh are using the finest quality yarn from reputed spinning mills.

In readymade garment sector, knit or knitted fabrics is used for manufacturing the knitted garments such as T- mainly T-shirts, Polo, Singlets, Tank Top, Sweatshirts, Hoddie, Pullover, loungewear Jogger & Shorts, Sweater, Cardigan. It should be noted that, properties of each knit garments are influenced by the construction, specification and properties of knit fabric used in the knit garment. i.e. 100% Cotton Single Jersey, 50% Cotton/ 50% Modal (blend), 95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra, 100% Viscos, 100% Polyester and any other blended yarn.

Classification of Knit Fabric:

Basically there are three types of knit fabric, those are

  1. Weft knitted fabric.
  2. Warp knitted fabrics.
  3. Crochet fabrics.

Weft knitted fabrics:

Weft knitted fabrics is characterized by a series of horizontal loops formed by horizontally running threads and binds with previously formed series of loops of the same thread. This type of fabric is mostly used in knit garments manufacturing.


Warp knitted fabrics:

In case of weft knitted fabrics, structural threads of the fabric run along with the length of the fabric which is approximately parallel with the fabric selvedge. Here, one horizontal row of loops or course is made from many threads and in this way warp knitted fabric is formed. This types of fabrics is not widely used in knit garments as weft knitted fabrics.


Crochet fabrics:

In case of crochet fabrics, construction is completely different with warp and weft knitted fabrics. Here, one thread is used which chains upon itself and cross-link are formed with previously formed chain to produce crochet fabrics.


Types of widely used Knit Fabric

  1. 100% cotton single jersey
  2. Lycra or Spandex single jersey
  3. Slub single jersey.
  4. 100Burn out single jersey.
  5. Grey melange.
  6. Grey Melange slub.
  7. 100% cotton double jersey.
  8. French terry.
  9. French terry slub.
  10. French terry (inside brushed).
  11. Micro or baby terry.
  12. Pique slub.
  13. Design terry.
  14. 1×1 Rib.
  15. 2×1 Rib.
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